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About: Coupons In Maine

Formed in Fall 2014 Dow Media launched Coupons In LA in Dec 2014 with its Inaugural Winter 2014 edition.. It has quickly become the Lewiston Auburn Area’s most sought after publication that flies off the shelves of over 1000 local locations. The magazine soon after, rebranded itself to Coupons in Maine and expanded with a second magazine to cover the Augusta Waterville area. Coming out quarterly for each season of the year (Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall), a third edition is now slated to launch in the Fall for the Oxford Hills Area. Over 1/2 of all coupon enthusiast makeover $50k/yr with over a third making over 100k annually. Couponing has steadily grown since the recession in 2009, and you can take advantage of this phenomenon by placing an incentive in one of our magazines or promote your company’s image to these more affluent readers.

The concept is simple. For those companies wishing to run a coupon ad, this is a proven method to drive traffic to stores and have trackable results . For those running image building ads, you can be sure you’re reaching your target demographic and creating the professional, sophisticated image you want to convey of your company. Our full color high gloss ads are sure to get your company noticed. Each ad receives multiple impressions per person per issue, as the users of the magazine go back to the pages numerous times throughout each three month edition.
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